kohl-Gruppe: Solutions for a healthy future

Over 1,400 motivated employees follow the same aim in all areas of the kohl Group: gaining a functioning health sys­­tem from an ethical/human and eco­­no­­m­ic point of view. To achieve this, we would like to care for people better and more cost-efficiently at home. kohlpharma is Europe’s biggest im­­por­­ter of high-quality and cost-ef­­fective pharma­­ceuticals. In the course of the development of own medical products in the area of homecare, assist combines patient needs for a better quality of care with adequate prices. Through a pioneering innova­­tion that blisters pharmaceuticals for patients individually, 7×4 Pharma helps to improve patients’ therapy adherence and thus avoids consequential costs. AVIE is a long-term, modular system partnership that assures the independence of phar­­macists.



  1. Address

    Im Holzhau 8
    D-66663 Merzig
    Telefon +49 (0) 6867 920-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6867 920-1503

  2. Year of foundation

    kohlpharma GmbH: 1979
    assist GmbH: 1992
    7x4 Pharma GmbH: 2003
    AVIE GmbH: 2004
  3. Business activity

    kohlpharma : Importation of branded
    7x4 Pharma : individualised blister
    packing for patients
    AVIE : Pharmacy system partner concept
    assist : Homecare
  4. Turnover

    854 million euros (2008)
  5. Employees

  6. Owner

    Edwin Kohl