Kliniken Hartenstein GmbH & Co. KG / Hartenstein Clinics – Experts for quality of life

The company, which was founded by Günter Hartenstein as a sanatorium in 1957 in the Hessian city of Bad Wildun­gen-Reinhardshausen, now consists of two centres focussing on different areas of rehabilitation medicine capable of treating 800 patients. The Hartenstein Clinics are still family-operated, and their demands regarding patient care are cor­­respondingly high.

The two building complexes in Bad Wil­dungen-Reinhardshausen form a large competence centre for medical re­­­habil­itation and rehabilitation following in-pa­tient treatment. In one centre, treat­­­­­­­­­ment focusses on orthopaedics and psychosomatics during which the re­­covery of quality of life and capacity to work are of utmost importance. Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of the two med­ical departments, highly cus­tomised treat­ment options are availa­ble. The clinic’s second main complex is located only minutes away: the largest rehabilitation department for urology in Germany has received numerous science awards and has developed ground-breaking procedures in the area of urology. A maximum of expertise and in-depth knowledge is ensured by the outstanding medical per­­sonnel composed of 16 specialists in the field of urology alone.


  1. Adress

    Kliniken Hartenstein
    Schwerpunktzentrum Birkental:
    Orthopädie und Psychosomatik
    Zur Herche 2
    D-34537 Bad Wildungen

    Kliniken Hartenstein
    Schwerpunktzentrum Quellental/Wildetal: Urologie
    Wiesenweg 6
    D-34537 Bad Wildungen

    Kliniken Hartenstein
    Günter Hartenstein-Str. 8
    D-34537 Bad Wildungen

  2. Management

    Gisela Hartenstein
    Silke Hartenstein
    Jens Hartenstein

  3. Established

  4. Employees

    about 540
  5. Business activity

    Rehabilitation for
    urology, psychosomatics, orthopaedics and other areas