Kieler Zeitung, Verlags- und Druckerei KG-GmbH: Transformation from a print publishing house to a multimedia company

Kieler Nachrichten reflects over 150 years of North German newspaper history, jour­­­­nalistic expertise, independence and confidence in the printed word. The newspaper reaches more than 250,000 readers every day from Schleswig to Ham­­burg. Kieler Nachrichten is also synonymous for the rapid transformation from a newspaper to a media company that distributes content via a multimedia news­­room to all relevant channels. Thank to its impetus and substantial investments, Kieler Nachrichten keep themselves continuously prepared to over­­come digitalisation challenges. The Kieler Nachrichten online articles are read over a million times in a month and more and more people check the newspaper on their tablets and smartphones. The goal of Kieler Nachrichten is to further improve the printed paper and enhance their digital media.

Along with Kieler Nachrichten, the company also produces multiple regional and national daily newspapers, advertising publications, weekly newspapers and customer magazines in one of the biggest printing centres in Northern Germany. The “KN Jobs” online job exchange is the major job offer portal in the region. Furthermore the business port­­folio comprise digital expertise training at the “Förde Campus”, a joint venture with the “Vater” IT group of companies.


  1. Address

    Fleethörn 1-7
    24103 Kiel
    Tel +49 431 903-0
    Fax +49 431 903-2826


  2. Management

    Sven Fricke

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Publishing of the daily newspaper
    “Kieler Nachrichten”
    Multimedia creation and distribution of news via analogue and digital channels and products