Katrin Bothe: Chemnitz is booming!


There are many reasons why you should come and live in Chemnitz. Exciting jobs in future-oriented companies, attractive housing, family-friendly framework conditions and welcoming locals, just to name a few. For more information, please visit Chemnitz-zieht-an.de/en.


The initiative was launched in September 2008 when the CWE (Economic Development Corporation, City of Chemnitz) created the online job portal as a “pilot project” for four months. With 15 partner companies at the outset, the internet portal was launched under the motto “Chemnitz is booming”, which sets out to attract specialists (back) into the area, thus satisfying the need for highly-qualified specialists in particular. The platform is also targeted towards former Chemnitz residents who are thinking of returning back home and are currently looking for a job.

Over the years, lucrative job offers have attracted more and more people to the business capitals of Western Germany. As a result of this development, the region of Chemnitz is witnessing an entirely new situation: many attractive jobs that cannot be filled. Chemnitz has therefore set out to fill vacancies and encourage qualified professionals to venture back to the region.

This is linked to demographical development which has occurred over the last few years. After many residents migrated to former Western Germany, Chemnitz also lost many potential parents. Consequently the birth rate decreased and the age structure shifted towards the older population. This project does not only help to fill job vacancies in the area, but it also helps to attract young families and thus to counteract the demographical development. This shows that recruiting professionals also means making a demographical opportunity a reality.

The main goal of the initiative is therefore to recruit professionals to fill vacancies within the Chemnitz region. Furthermore, the portal highlights Chem­­­nitz’s locational advantages regarding housing, work life and recreation, thus raising the city’s profile and making it more appealing to its target groups. This not only includes former residents with friends and family in Chemnitz, but also commuters and people who work or study in the field of technology or engineering.


By grouping job offers and information about employers and location, potential returnees can gather information regarding the versatile city of Chemnitz on one page.

The companies’ advantage can be enhanced with very little effort by increasing communication regarding job vacancies and linking the company with soft location factors.

The platform developed by the CWE not only focuses on the participating companies’ job offers but also takes the applicants living situation into account. Thus issues related to Chemnitz such as living environment, events and family friendliness are clearly structured. This lin­­­­ks the attractiveness of the workplace and residence to the advantages of each employer, since both factors are of interest to the applicant.

The partner companies of the project “Chemnitz is booming!” play an important and active role, not only because they instructed the CWE to carry out the campaign for recruiting professionals, but also because they co-finance half of the project’s budget. This means that for every euro paid by a company the CWE contributes one euro.

Today, the project “Chemnitz is booming!” is in its eighth year with 40 participating companies from the Chemnitz region. And this is set to increase in the future.

Communication measures such as radio and poster advertising for the Easter and Christmas period, job and recruitment fairs or activities for concrete target-specific events contribute to the regional job platform’s nationwide reach.

So far, more than 1,700 qualified applications have directly been submitted to the respective companies via the portal. Almost all jobs advertised by the companies could be filled. Since the launch of the portal, the page has been accessed more than five million times with over 350,000 visitors of whom half visit the platform on a regular basis.

Katrin Bothe
Katrin_Bothe-kopierenThe author studied Business Management at Chemnitz University. From 2008 to 2011, she worked as an assistant manager in location marketing and since October 2011, as a manager for location and specialist marketing at the CWE.