KAMA GmbH: KAMA – Value creation in job printing and short-run packaging!

KAMA GmbH is a leading manufacturer of post-­­press and finishing machines for the graph­­ics industry. The versatile solutions for die cutting, hot foil stamping, folding and glueing are being used successfully in more than 70 countries.

As a trendsetter for post-press processes for digital printing, KAMA develops inno­­vative solutions such as the AutoRegister for highly precise finishing and the tool-less inline stripping and blanking unit (SBU). The latest development by the Dresden-based machine manufacturer is the ground-break­­ing workflow for digitally printed folding cartons using the new FlexFold 52. The first folder gluer dedicated to short-run fold­­ing cartons fea­­tures networking capabilities and fully automated set up (patent pending).

The precursor to KAMA, re-es­­tab­­lished in 1994, is SCAMAG which is 100 years older. The founding father, Teodor Remus, revolutionised carton production by in­­vent­­ing the creasing line for “bending with­­­­out break­­ing”. The world’s first automatic die cutter was first introduced in 1936. KAMA is now once again the initiator for develop­­ments in state-of-­­the-art packaging by offering a complete finishing workflow for folding cartons “on demand”.

KAMA GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and exports its products around the world in cooperation with leading printing press manufacturers.


  1. Address

    Kurt-Beyer-Straße 4
    01237 Dresden
    Tel +49 351 27036-0

  2. Management

    Marcus Tralau, Steffen Pieper

  3. Year of establishment

    1994 KAMA GmbH
    1894 SCAMAG (Precursor)

  4. Employees

    115 plus 10 apprentices

  5. Business activity

    Development and construction of machines for post-press processes and print finishing for commercial and packaging printing