Joint success with good advice – Partnership as a principle

Schüllermann und Partner AG with its part­ner companies Schüllermann – Wirt­­schafts- und Steuerberatung – GmbH, Schüllermann Consulting GmbH as well as SRS Schüllermann und Partner Rechts­anwälte, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater mbB employs 170 members of staff based at ten locations across Germany.

The organization focuses on practical con­­sul­­tation as well as supporting clients from the private and public sector, the indus­­try, me­­dium-sized enterprises and non-profit or­­gan­­isations. These services are charac­­ter­ised by self-imposed high quality stand­­ards, in­­ten­­sive scientific education and train­­ing, in addition to the employees’ technical specialization.

Our core activities include the preparation and assessment of annual accounts, tax and legal consultation, preparation of eco­­nomic reports as well as interdisciplinary consultation led by a team of auditors, tax accountants, lawyers and business consultants.

We combine extensive knowledge with decades of experience in our service, which enables our employees to quickly respond to changes in the legal framework and to offer solutions for new circumstances.

As a result, the client always comes first.

  1. Address

    Robert-Bosch-Straße 5
    63303 Dreieich
    Tel +49 6103 605-0
    Fax +49 6103 610-24

  2. Management

    Rainer Grieshaber (WP/StB)
    (Sprecher des Vorstands)

  3. Year of establishment