J. Bünting Beteiligungs AG: Challenge the future and profit

In 1806, company founder Johann Bünting laid the foundation for the trading company of today by opening a grocery shop in the old town of Leer. Following the vision of its founder – challenge the future and profit – the company has been growing constantly and dynamically since then through the expansion of business areas and targeted acquisitions. With a staff of nearly 9,500 employees and 450 trainees, the Bünting group is a significant economic driver and one of the most important providers of vocational training in the region.

Being the nucleus of the company, the Bünting Teehandelshaus (tea trading firm) retains its strategic importance to this day. With its broad product range including traditional teas and modern tea specialities, the oldest and most significant private tea trading company in East Frisia is continually expanding. With J. Bünting Coloniale, the group is drawing on its age-old expertise – here, specialities such as premium coffee and tea, the finest chocolate, fine oils and spices, gift baskets and gift items including tableware are offered in a nostalgic atmosphere.

Shaped by tradition but open to new ideas, Bünting has always concentrated on its own strengths. The sales companies Combi, famila, Markant Nordwest and Telepoint form a dense network of food and specialist markets, achieving high market coverage. Each sales line has its own profile, is therefore able to act in a market-orientated way and to expand on its own strengths. In addition to the local shops, Bünting E-Commerce also runs many online shops. The com­­pany has also been able to assert itself in the wholesale business in recent years: the Bünting Systemkunden Handels­ge­sell­schaft supports well-known cooper­ation partners in the food trade. Bünting Einkauf und Logistik (purchasing and lo­­g­­istics) is in charge of food procurement, scheduling and logistics. Bünting Inform­­ations Technologie takes care of all tech­­­nical aspects.

The Bünting group’s concept for success is the balance between tradition and innovation. This in­­cludes not losing sight of its origins. This commitment to the home reg­­ion can clearly be seen in the Bünting tea museum and through the work of the Johann Bünting foundation, which supports many social and cultural projects in the region.


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    Brunnenstraße 37
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    Tea trading company,
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