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Wandlungsfaehige_Fertigung_Automobilindustrie_Quelle_Phoenix_Contact_sRGB-kopierenOstWestfalenLippe is one of Europe’s eleven strongest production locations and was named one of the top five most innovative regions in Germany in 2014 by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. In mechanical engineering and the electrical and automotive supplier indus­tries, 400 companies employ 80,000 people and generate turnover of 17 billion euros.

In the “it’s OWL” – Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe – cluster, 170 companies and research institutions develop solutions for intelligent products and production systems. The spectrum ranges from automation and drive components to machines, vehicles and household appliances and even interconnected production plants. Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from a unique technology platform. A winner of the top cluster competition held by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, it’s OWL is considered one of Germany’s largest initiatives for industry 4.0.


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it’s OWL – Innovative partners in business and science. Attractive career opportunities in companies and research institutions. Interdisciplinary degree pro­grammes. High quality of life with attractive cities and countryside, such as the Teutoburg Forest and the Senne.


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    Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu,
    Günter Korder, Herbert Weber

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    Cluster management
    Project development and management, Partner matching
    Cooperation management
    Technology transfer
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