ITK Engineering AG: Innovative software and systems engineering

The importance of software in technical systems has increased rapidly in re­­cent years. Today, an upper mid-range car con­­tains over 80 control units, whose functionality largely depends on software. Electrical drive concepts and in­­creasingly environmentally friendly and safe systems reinforce this trend.

ITK Engineering AG (ITK) specialises in innovative, customer-specific so­­lutions for the aforementioned top­­­ics. Re­­nowned companies from the automotive, aero­­space and med­­ical technology sectors have relied on the expertise and experience of this internationally active devel­­opment partner since 1994. Services by ITK can be found in driver assistance systems, state-of-the-art sur­­gical equip­­­­­ment and engine controls. One of the latest projects is providing support for Audi Sport in the development of an energy recovery sys­­tem for the Audi R18 e-tron quattro – the world’s first die­­­sel hybrid racing car and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 2012.

However, what really makes the company stand out is the family-like culture, where employee satisfaction, not maxi­­m­­ising profits, is the key. As well as pro­­viding continuing education op­­tions and attractive social benefits, the company creates an environment in which career and family go hand in hand. Being named as the most popular employer by and awarded as finalist at the “Gro­­­­ßer Preis des Mit­­tel­stands” (Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business) prove that ITK is on the right track.

ITK employs more than 500 people at its headquarters in Herxheim, Palat­­i­­nate, and branch offices in Ger­­ma­­ny, Austria, Spain, the USA and Ja­­pan. The com­­pany is heav­­­­­ily in­­­­volved in promoting young tal­­ent in or­­der to ensure its contin­­ued growth. Cooperation with schools and uni­­ver­­­­sities not only provides close contact to science and re­­­­search, but also to the next gen­­eration of academic profes­­­­sion­­als. Field-related pre­­sentations and workshops and a com­­­­prehen­­sive range of in­­ternships and dis­­sertations al­­­low pupils and uni­­versity stu­­dents to become fa­­­miliar with the company and the work of a development engin­­­eer at an early stage. ITK sup­­ports partic­­ularly talented stu­­dents with extra-occu­­pational scholarships, funding for com­­­­bined study pro­­grammes or doc­­toral projects.


  1. Adress

    Luitpoldstraße 59
    D-76863 Herxheim
    Telefon +49 (0) 7276 9885-600
    Telefax +49 (0) 7276 9885-619
  2. Executive board

    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Englert (Founder and CEO)

    Dr. Helmuth Stahl(CTO)

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Employees

    über 500
  5. Business activity

    Engineering and consulting services in embedded software development