IST-Studieninstitut /IST-Hochschule: Flexible education for careers in future-oriented sectors

IST-Hochschule_Seminarsituation-kopierenUsing the slogan “Bildung, die bewegt” (edu­­cation that moves), the IST-Studien­­institut (Institute for Studies) has offered extra-oc­­cu­­pational further education in the form of governmentally accredited dis­­tance learn­­ing for more than 25 years. This gives also persons with employment the opportunity to further their education wherever and when­­ever they want to. It al­­lows them to flexi­­bly acquire practice-ori­ented specialist knowledge and obtain a recognised certifi­­cation. Participants can choose from a vari­­ety of professional qualifications from the fields “Sports & Management”, “Tourism & Hospitality”, “Fitness”, “Wellness & Health” as well as “Communication & Management”. The de­­grees range from certificates to IST di­plo­­­­mas to qualifications subject to public law, such as for business administrator, accredited by the Chamber of Commerce.


Moreover, the IST-Hochschule für Manage­­ment (University for Management) was found­­ed in 2013. The majority of the Bach­­elor courses are offered not only for full-time and part-time studies but also as dual courses of study. Thus it combines in-firm training and academic distance learning. The knowledge transfer via online lectures and online tuto­­rials guarantees maximum flexibility. Addi­­tionally, optional subjects provide the pos­­sibility to pursue studies based on personal interests. The students obtain recognised aca­­demic degrees that qualify them for lead­­ing positions in middle and upper management.


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