IPROconsult: A holistic view

IPROconsult is your interdisciplinary partner for construction projects. We take on general planning work and bring together all the specialists in the project to form a unit which works efficiently. In response to unique prob­­lems, we develop intelligent and con­­structive solutions which have a sustain­­able effect and work over a long period. And it is not just the ordinary that we do ex­­traor­­dinarily well.

Through the intensive integration of all trades, we ensure that every project is well thought through and planned at every level from the very beginning. Starting with pro­­ject development for future use scenarios, we plan the foundations and infrastructure for civil engineering projects. Our archi­­tects and planners develop a solution which is both holistic and well thought through: from architecture and building construction in­­cluding the formation, development and construction of the building as well as the technical equipment along with all supply and disposal media through to operation and maintenance of the property in Real Estate Facility Management. In doing so, we orientate ourselves towards the require­­ments of the contractor and the needs of future users.

We combine knowledge, expertise and ex­­perience in one company with around 350 specialists. A long tradition and a consistent focus on the future. IPROconsult.


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    Schnorrstraße 70
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    Lutz Junge

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    Planning office for architectural and engineering services