Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH: 40 years of innovation

Requirements of airlines and airframes lead to daily challenges for seeking and doing for innovations in the cabin interior field.

The main difference to differentiate between airlines is customization in the world wide competition. To meet this raising challenges the development team looks permanent for new solutions. Beside the established air­­craft manufacturers Innovint delivers to more than 150 Airlines all over the world. The program varies from standard interior up to high end interior as well as VIP interior.

Important is the so called ancillary equipment, i.e. baby bassinets, child restraint systems, on-board wheelchairs, magazine racks, etc. In addition many components of the safety equipment, i.e. first aid kits, doctors kits, etc. are part of the customizing programs. Partitions and wardrobes will be equipped with airline specific “branding” to give good appearance for the pax. As a result of many years of experience in approval issues in the airline and in OEM business, the requirement for approval of airworthy parts has resulted in the development of comprehensive know-how, making Innovint a reliable partner.


  1. Address

    Holzmuehlenstraße 84–86
    22041 Hamburg
    Tel +49 40 696986-0
    Fax +49 40 693202-6


  2. Management

    Manfred Groening
    Uwe Groening
    Ursula Gröning

  3. Business activity

    Aircraft Interiors
    Industrial Design Engineering
    Prototyping, Testing
    Production, After Sales Service