Initiative Regionalmanagement Region Ingolstadt e.V.: IngolStadtLandPlus – The region for innovation

At the heart of Bavaria – vibrant, human and in the thick of it: the IngolStadtLandPlus region unites the unique diversity of city and countryside, innovative power and a home to feel at ease in, in one of Germany’s most powerful economic areas.

The key idea behind Initiative Regional­­­management Region Ingolstadt e.V. is to strengthen this uniqueness. The as­­so­­ci­­ation brings together the commitment of internationally renowned corpo­­rations, innovative small and medium-sized companies and political and so­­cial forces with the aim of making the region the most success­­­ful location in Germany. In 2008, the city of Ingolstadt and the districts Eich­­stätt, Neuburg-Schroben­­hausen and Pfaffenhofen teamed up together with the companies Audi, Bauer, Cassidian, Edeka and Media-Saturn to form one of Ger­­many’s largest public private partner­­ships. Many more partners have joined since then.

Their goals are to make the region more attractive to qualified staff and young entrepreneurs, to further estab­­lish the internationally renowned re­­gion of science and education and to create sustainable quality of life for the region’s citizens.




  1. Address

    Auf der Schanz 39b
    85049 Ingolstadt
    Tel +49 841 885 211-0
    Fax +49 841 885 211-10

  2. Executive board

    District Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm,
    represented by district administrator Martin Wolf (Chairman)

  3. Founding members

    EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft
    Südbayern mbH
    Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH
    Stadt Ingolstadt
    Landkreis Eichstätt
    Landkreis Neuburg-Schrobenhausen
    Landkreis Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm

  4. Population

    460,000 inhabitants