ING-DiBa AG: ING-DiBa – Successfully different

ING-DiBa is the third largest retail customer bank in Germany with more than 7.8 million customers. The bank’s core activities are savings deposits, building loans, securities, consumer loans and current accounts. The bank’s transpar­­ent products and easily understandable infor­­mation allow ING-DiBa customers to make their own, independent financial decisions, thereby offering an alter­­native to commission-­driven and fee-based advice.

ING-DiBa has emerged from the Bank für Sparanlagen und Vermögens­­bil­­dung es­­tab­­lished in 1965. Today, the bank is part of the international ING Group and can be reached by customers 24/7 – by phone, e-mail, internet banking, or writing a letter.

ING-DiBa relies on lean, fast processes to enable it’s customers to handle their banking transactions as quickly and in­­­­ex­­pensively as possible. The high qual­­­­­ity and cus­­tom­­er-friendliness of ING-DiBa is reg­­ularly supported by cus­­tomers and the media: In 2012, the business mag­­azine Euro de­­clared ING-DiBa 2013 the most popular bank in Ger­­many for the seventh time in a row.

In 2011, ING Bank became a part of the ING-DiBa AG. ING Bank handles the com­­­­mercial banking business of the ING Group and offers customized finan­­cing solu­­tions for large companies as well as solutions for pay­­ment und cash management transactions.

In addition to the company head­­quar­­ters in Frankfurt, ING-DiBa is represented in Hanover and Nuremberg, and in Vienna with ING-DiBa Austria. ING-DiBa has a total of about 3,200 employees.

ING-DiBa views economic success as a social responsibility. This is why a part of its economic success is given back to society through the “FAIRantwortung” (fair responsibility) programme. With its acitivities of “DiBaDu und Dein Verein”, the company promotes basketball sports and honorary involvements of the pop­­ulation. The Ing-DiBa also grants the “Helmut Schmidt-Journalistenpreis” to support consumer-orientated journalism.


  1. Adress

    Theodor-Heuss-Allee 2


    D-60486 Frankfurt am Main


    Telefon +49 (0) 6950 500-105



  2. Executive board

    Roland Boekhout 




    Herbert Willius


    (stellv. Vorsitzender/deputy chairman)



    Remco Nieland,


    Bernd Geilen,


    Katharina Herrmann,


    Martin Krebs

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    about 3.200
  5. Turnover

    State 2012:
    Business volume: 182 billion euros
    Total assets: 120 billion euros

  6. Business activity

    Private client services,
    company client services