infoteam Software AG: We develop the future with innovative software for industry, life science and medical engineering

Innovations are not an end unto themselves. They have to be profitable for everyone in the value chain, but especially for the envi­ronment and society. Every new software development has to prove effective in the tense circumstances resulting from these criteria. If you want to actively shape the future, you need comprehensive know-how and relevant expertise. 30 years of experience is the basis for our innovative ideas.

At infoteam, long-term experience in software design, implementation and maintenance based on modern methods, technologies and processes goes hand in hand with the continuous optimisation of innovative concepts. infoteam offers partial or complete software development solutions for complex software with high reliability requirements particularly in safety-critical environments and those regulated by standards. Among our customers are manufacturers of control systems and drives, companies from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering as well as the leading manufacturers of medical devices and lab­o­ratory automation. Developing software solutions and services for industry, life science and medical engineering, we provide important impetus for future developments. Technology and process expertise, our long-standing customer loyalty as well as trust are key characteristics. Our engineering approach delivers the necessary sustainability.



  1. Address

    Am Bauhof 9
    91088 Bubenreuth
    Tel +49 9131 7800-0
    Fax +49 9131 7800-50

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Employees

    193 (2014)

  4. Business activity

    Softwarelösungen und -dienstleistungen für die Bereiche Industrie, Life Science und Medizintechnik.