IHK Niederbayern: The Federal Employment Agency – your contact for human resources


The employer service offered by the Em­­­­­­­­­­ployment Agencies provides a com­pre­­hen­­sive range of services focused en­­tirely on the needs of your company: from re­­cording job advertisements ­­or appren­­­­­­­­tice­­ships to finding suitable ap­­pli­­­­­cants and even providing individual con­­sult­­ancy on financial support options when em­­ploying and qualifying your staff. On re­­quest, your job advertisement will also be put online on the Job Board free of charge and the right staff recruited for you from across the country. The em­­ployer service is avail­­able through­­out Ger­­many in around 800 local offices. Our colleagues can be con­­tacted via the hot­­line on +49 1801 664466. Every call is for­­warded immediately to the team re­­­­­spon­­sible for your re­­gion. You can find more information at www.arbeitsagentur.de.

Thanks to the increasing demand for skil­­led workers, recruiting staff from abroad is becoming more and more im­­portant. Your local employer service can engage the International Place­­ment Ser­­vices (ZAV) to support you in finding staff from all over the world.


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    Nibelungenstraße 15
    94032 Passau
    Tel +49 851 507-0
    Fax +49 851 507-280
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    Dr. Josef Dachs
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    derzeit rund 75.000
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    Location, start-up businesses
    and company promotion,
    education, further training, innovation and environment, international, law and taxes