IGP Meerestechnik: Up with the times – Into the depths of the ocean

The Ing.-Buero Gerold Pinnow IGP engineering consultancy is synonymous for 35 years of experience with technical marine products and services. We have been advising a wide range of users in all marine projects in, on and under the water since 1981. We represent well-known manu­­facturers from all over the world and offer their products mainly in German-speaking Europe.

We work closely with our partner manufacturers in order to offer all customers the most suitable solution. Our wide range of experience in past projects helps us provide as efficient yet customised a solution as possible. At the same time, we take particular account of each customer’s basic structural and technical conditions. We support technically complex and sophisticated experiments and studies, for example in the Arctic Ocean, as much as the measurement and architectural work connected with offshore wind-parks.

Our customers include public authorities, shipyards, shipping companies, surveying offices, companies in the construction industry, scientific institutes and environmental organisations.


  1. Address

    Kleine Reichenstraße 1
    20457 Hamburg
    Tel +49 40 37868-00
    Fax +49 40 3637-68


  2. Management

    Markus Weis

  3. Business activity

    Underwater vehicles (ROV, AUV)
    Measuring systems (sonar, bathymetry)
    Acoustic release systems
    Measuring instruments
    Inertial navigation
    GNSS positioning and navigation
    Underwater acoustic recorders and digital communication
    Underwater cameras and light
    Standard and customised cabling