Horst Seehofer: Foreword Business Location Free State of Bavaria

The Free State of Bavaria is one of Europe’s leading business locations. Our state can be characterised by two trends that at first glance appear to contradict one another, but which are in fact part of a major concept for suc­­cess. On the one hand, Bavaria’s people are very proud of their past and rich cultural heritage. They point with pride to their traditions and display this self-confidence in preserving ancient customs and a close-knit social cohesion. However, Bavaria is also a very modern state which has devel­­­oped into a world-renowned centre for science and technology in recent decades.

Universities and research institutions create the foundation for a future-oriented industrial sector and services which propel Bavarian companies into a position of high international standing. These not only include well-known international corporations, but also many small and me­­dium-sized businesses whose highly specialised products often make them world market leaders in their sector. Innovation, quality and flexibility characterise the large and small companies which have made Bavaria an internation­ally networked, highly export-oriented and wealthy state.


Our companies have developed particular expertise in the vehicle technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engi­­neering, information and communications technology and aerospace sectors. Bavarian companies active in biotechnology and in research into and initial testing of new materials are also world leaders. We have plenty to offer in the environmental technology and medical technol­­ogy sectors, too. Bavaria has also been a strong location for the production and distribution of media for many years.

The Bavarian state government has always created opti­mum conditions for the foun­­dation of new companies. We consider medium-sized companies to be the most important pillar of our prosperity, and have traditionally paid particular attention to this sector. Last but not least, our schools, universities and internationally exemplary institutions for vocational training ensure that all our skilled workers have excellent qualifications.


seehofer_portrait1Horst Seehofer
Minister President of the
Free State of Bavaria