Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences: Focus on the students – The university at the centre of society

The RheinMain University of Applied Sci­­en­­ces HSRM (until August 2009: Wies­baden University of Applied Sci­­en­­ces) offers optimal educational and vocational op­­portunities, in that it combines its fa­­vourable geographical location, its un­­compromising proximity to the market and to society, its re­­search activities and its team spirit into a unique relationship with practice and life. And in the centre of training at the three study locations Wiesbaden, Rüs­sels­heim and Geisen­heim stand the students.
Studies at the University of Applied Sci­­en­­ces means: preparation for modern occupational fields that expect the use of scientific methods or artistic capabili­ties in the six departments: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Design Computer Science Media, Applied Social Studies, the Wiesbaden Business School, En­­gi­neering Sciences and Geisenheim.
The HSRM, with its 9,000 students, will sharpen its profile in the future as a “university of applied sciences,” with a strong link to the region and to small and medium-sized businesses. The HSRM is the first University of Applied Sci­­en­­ces in Germany with an independent doc­­tor­­ate programme. The scope and in­­ten­­sity of the applied research is further increased. And the internation­ality in studying and teaching is further ex­­tend­­ed through worldwide networks and partnerships.


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    Prof. Dr. Detlev Reymann