Hochschule Neubrandenburg – Initiator of sustainable structural change in the region

The Hochschule Neubrandenburg, founded in 1991, has undergraduate and post graduate degree courses in four departments. The familial atmosphere supports our aim of combining academic research and teaching with the individual development of each of our circa 2,100 students.

We are an application orientated university where teaching and research are inextricably linked. Pro­­viding an academically based, practical education requires that we accord research as much importance as instruction. The union of research and teaching at the Hochschule Neubran­­den­­burg allows us to focus on the practical needs of industry and further educa­­tions and development in professional practice.

The guiding principle of a multidisciplinary campus university is to bring technical and social sciences together in a communica­­tive environment. This permits the pursuance of research interests that go be­­yond the horizons of the individual disciplines and thus to trans-disciplinary work.

With its identity clearly grounded in the region, the Hochschule Neubrandenburg has a role as interlocutor or bridge between regional and international professional and academic audiences. With a particular focus on the key topics of the region, the university aims to be an academic centre and economic initiator in the region.


  1. Address

    Brodaer Straße 2
    17033 Neubrandenburg
    Tel +49 395 5693 1000
    Fax +49 395 5693 1005
  2. Rector

    Prof. Dr. Micha Teuscher
  3. Chancellor

    Reinhard Eckstein
  4. Employees

  5. Total budget

    Total budget
    15,070,000 euros

    Third-party funds
    2.284.000 euros
  6. Business activity

    Particular research focuses:
    Sustainable structural change and reconstruction of rural regions
    agriculture and food sciences
    landscape architecture, geodesy, nature and the environment,
    health prevention, care and health management, social work,
    early education