FHWS – Practice-based education, applied research and intensified internationalisation

The University of Applied Sciences Würz­­burg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) offers a wide range of practice-based and future-­oriented courses at its Würzburg and Schweinfurt sites. The university’s large technical faculties cover the entire spec­trum of education in the MINT subjects. In addition, FHWS offers courses in arts, social sciences and economics, as well as in architecture and design. With about 9,000 students (in winter semester 2013/2014) and around 230 professors, the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt is one of the larg­­est universities for applied sciences in Bavaria. Students can pursue over 30 undergraduate and graduate programmes in ten faculties.

One of the pillars of teaching at FHWS is the focus on applied research. This is not only reflected by the numerous labo­­ra­tories in which students can put the prac­­­tical skills they have learned to the test and intensify their knowledge at the same time – applied research in various areas is also promoted intensively in the univer­­sity’s five research institutes.

Another of FHWS’ focuses is on internationalisation. Many students complete semesters or internships abroad, while foreign students also come to the university for a full degree or a semester abroad. To make this possible, the Uni­ver­­sity of Applied Sciences Würz­burg-Schweinfurt maintains an extensive network of over 100 universities in more than 30 countries. These activities are to be expanded further in the future. To this end, the FHWS i-Campus is being set up, offering English-language bachelor’s degree programmes. These courses will have identical or very similar content to the courses already established at FHWS.

The 10 faculties of the FHWS

» FANG: Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities
(Würzburg and Schweinfurt)
» FAS: Applied Social Sciences
» FAB: Architecture and Civil Engineering
» FE: Electrical Engineering (Schweinfurt)
» FG: Visual Design (Würzburg)
» FIW: Computer Science and
Business Information Systems (Würzburg)
» FKV: Plastics Engineering and Surveying (Würzburg)
» FM: Mechanical Engineering (Schweinfurt)
» FWI: Business and Engineering (Schweinfurt)
» FWiWi: Economics and Business Administration

The 5 research institutes of the FHWS

» IAL: Institute of Applied Logistics Solutions
» IDIS: Institute for Design and Information Systems
» IEHT: Institute for Power Engineering and
High Voltage Technology
(at the Competence Centre Mainfranken)
» IMES: Institute of Medical Engineering
Schweinfurt (at the Competence Centre Mainfranken)
» TTZ-EMO: Technology Transfer Centre for E-mobility


  1. Address

    Münzstraße 12
    97070 Würzburg
    Tel +49 931 3511-6002
    Fax +49 931 3511-6044
  2. President

    Prof. Dr. Robert Grebner
  3. Year of establishment

  4. Employees

    230 professors
    360 other staff
  5. Range of courses

    Design, social sciences, languages, technology, economics