Fresenius University of Applied Sciences – The Driving Force for Health and Society

With about 8,000 students and vocational students, the Fresenius Univer­sity of Applied Sciences ranks among the largest private universities in Ger­­many with locations in Idstein, Frank­furt, Co­­logne, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, as well as with study centres in Düsseldorf and Zwickau. It offers vocational training, study and further education programmes in the disciplines of Chemistry and Biol­­ogy, Healthcare and Social Studies, Busi­­ness, Media and Design. Besides the Bachelor and Master’s programmes, the four disciplines with their seven Schools also offer (dual) courses for people in employment or vocational training.

The Fresenius University shows its inno­­vative strength in the field of healthcare and many other areas: Since the end of the 1990s, it has been at the vanguard in the academisation of therapeutic pro­­fessions in Germany and has founded the first undergraduate Osteopathy study programme in 2011. The university also offers study programmes in the field of nursing care. As part of a large network of cooperation partners, the Fresenius University develops educational products with a high practical relevance – following the principle of a close interaction between research, education and prac­­ti­­cal application. The Fresenius Univer­­sity is institutionally accredited by the Ger­­man Council of Science and Humanities.



  1. Adress

    Limburger Straße 2
    65510 Idstein
    Telefon +49 (0) 6126 9352-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 6126 9352-10
  2. President

    Botho von Portatius
  3. Established

    1848 as Chemisches Laboratorium Fresenius in Wiesbaden

    University of applied sciences since 1971

  4. Students and pupils in total

    8.000 (2013)
  5. Training offers

    Bachelor degree programmes
    Master degree programmes
    Vocational schools
    Further trainings