Hochschule Bremen – Providing economic and social stimuli in the region

CollageUniversities and institutes in the state of Bremen play a key role in scientific expertise, economic development and cultural diversity within the region.
Hochschule Bremen regards itself as a University of Applied Sciences and this also stresses the strong practical focus. Its diverse range of competencies and abilities are closely interlinked to the re­­gional economic structure. For this reason, Hochschule Bremen provides economic and social stimuli in the region.

Collage2Some examples include the innovation clusters of Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen (Bremen invest) activities for aerospace and automotive technology, maritime economics and logistics as well as wind energy. For example, with regard to aero­space and automotive technology, Hoch­schule Bremen is the only establishment that can qualify young skilled workers in Bremen. In the profile field of logistics, Hochschule Bremen is the only institution of its kind in Germany to combine all the relevant aspects under one roof; from transport and mobility to the necessary infrastructure.

Specialist transfer potential is of course a lot greater than what can be demonstrated here. Additionally, life-long learning is another core issue: We are not just talking about young people who have em­­barked on a Bachelor degree after completing their German Abitur (A level). Our offer is constantly extended right through to those groups who also hold a master craftman’s certificate or similar qualifications instead of the Abitur. In addition, Hochschule Bremen cooperates with various partners such as “wisoak” as well as Bremen’s home foundation (Bremer Heimstiftung). On the other hand, Hochschule Bremen boasts a portfolio of tailor-made academic advanced train­ing programmes including master programmes, amongst others, at its International Graduate Center.

Since 2006, Hochschule Bremen has been cooperating successfully with the People’s Republic of China to further train Chinese experts from economic and ad­ministrative sectors. Nearly 40 delegations with an average of 25 participants visited Hochschule Bremen for several days of continued education in 2013. China’s modernisation exists on all levels in the foreground. Hochschule Bremen enhances China’s perceptions of Bremen, thanks to its successful programme entitled “Wissenschaftliche Wei­­terbildung im Dialog” (Scientific Continued Education in Dialogue). In 2009, it was accredited by Chinese officials as an advanced training institute.

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    Neustadtswall 30
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  2. Rector

    Prof. Dr. Karin Luckey
  3. Year of establishment

    Precursor 1799
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  5. Business activity

    70 Bachelor and Master degree programmes including dual courses of study