Hermann Rolf Sebastian Donath-Franke: Textile marketing and employee communication tools

Individualised, high-quality clothing is a new tool for the path to success. We advise companies and brand manufacturers in all sectors on successful clothing-based marketing.

It is a fundamental decision for companies wanting to successfully highlight a brand or make employee uniforms that create a corporate identity – if these companies rely on clothing that simply looks better, is designed down to the last detail and hugs the body closely in terms of cut and quality, employees and customers can identify with them to best advantage. People like wearing clothing in public, they recommend it in social networks and it has a multiplier effect.

When using the service by “merchandisemich” (“Mer­chandise Me”), companies rely on competence and innovation. Our individualised clothing is the better marketing tool for customer loyalty, in-house communication and, ultimately, customer acquisition.


Customised clothing for more authenticity. We want to make it possible to experience company identity with our clothing – in public and within the company itself. Customers identify with products and brands, employees identify with their employing company. Our clothing is the perfect vehicle for this identity. The corporate design of companies or their products is manufactured in true colours and with creative finishing ideas. Every textile application can be dyed separately. This means that it is possible to work on zips, buttons, stitching, hood and rubber cords, Velcro fastenings and many other applications in the prescribed CI colours. Complementary and effect colours guarantee your company clothing the attention it deserves. The designs are produced at the company’s Germany-based headquarters by experienced graphic and textile designers.

Industrial clothing manufacturing: sustainable, customised, individual and fast. We manufacture our clothing entirely in northern Portugal – sustainably, fast and in the best possible quality. We supply companies with extraordinarily attractive clothing products with many different individual appliqués – all made to high European standards.

We provide advice, design and production all from a single source. Northern Portugal is the heart of the European textile industry. This is where we produce our clothing – from hoodies through T-shirts and textile accessories to complete working or office clothing with shirts, trousers and suits. The imported yarn is spun, woven, dyed and processed here under our direction. This choice of location for our clothing production is an example of our business model: by making high-­quality, sustainably manufactured products, very short production times, top quality and striking detail, we want to impress in all aspects of competition.

Better! Quicker! Higher quality! Speed is a commercial advantage, especially when making high-­quality clothing. We supply our customers with particularly high-developed and multi-functional clothing. In doing so, we follow the tradition of European companies – the success and economic power of the European single market is characterised by values such as speed, innovation and customer friendliness.

Innovation, flexibility and precision! We place particular importance on precisely-timed approval processes in production. The close cooperation with our Portuguese production locations means that we can send patterns and production samples quickly. This enables customers to closely check the colouring on clothing, belts, zips and company logos and, where appropriate, give their ap­­proval. Even photographic documentation of the most important production steps is no problem with the existing digital production control system. Customers receive log-in access and can experience the transparence of our production processes directly. Companies are sent their cloth­­ing quickly and right on schedule: 15 working days for the finished sample and 15 days for the finished product – this, too, shows the strengths of our business model. All operations are carried out “just in time” – with our guarantee for the timetable for the entire production chain, including secure transport to customers. And a German contact is available to coordinate all ongoing projects.



Helping protect the environment: a new dimension in textile sustainability – long-­lasting, environmentally friendly and socially responsible! How do we define sustainability? By concentrating the entire production and refining process in Portugal – starting with the cotton delivery stage. This makes it possible to manufacture our products entirely according to European standards. Our employees are paid according to Euro­pean standards and even our logistics are in line with European environmental standards. The completed products are very long-lasting, hypoallergenic and are manufactured in the desired weight per square metre, fit and size. For the dyeing process, we select the ideal dyes from 2,000 textile Pantone colour-matching systems for our customers. In addition, we offer all finishing processes in every conceivable position and type, from embroidery through patches to labels, belts, buckles, buttons and contrasting seams, our creativity and pleasure in design know no bounds. We routinely wash our finished products before delivery.

In addition to clothing, customers also receive high-­quality labels, flyers and small catalogues, individually packed in plastic, cardboard, wood or paper.


The bottom line? Merchandisemich stands for individual service and high-quality production in clothing marketing! We aim to use our clothing to open up new marketing methods and to identify brands and products. Anyone backing up a promise of quality on the market with their company and employees every day also wants to display this quality to customers with wearable clothing collections for advertising, the sports field, the factory floor and the office.

The merchandisemich service covers:

  • individually-branded clothing to all specifications
  • complete packages, from design to delivery
  • fast, reliable production with delivery times of about 30 working days
  • German contacts for the entire production process
  • sustainable, high-quality production with European social standards
  • high flexibility and production safety, including with smaller production-runs
  • hypoallergenic, long-lasting quality


donath_frankeHermann Rolf Sebastian Donath-Franke
Sebastian Donath-Franke was born in Gera on 10 May 1976. He studied applied media science at Ilmenau Technical University from 1996 to 2000. In 2001, he formed a sole proprietorship company, which became a limited liability company in 2012. The brand “merchandisemich” was developed during this period. From 2003 onwards, the company’s products were manufactured in Portugal. International sales are managed from Thuringia. Today, well-known international customers such as KTM-Bike Industries and Cannondale and regional players, such as Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (Central German Broadcasting/MDR) are also some of the company’s customers.