HEK – Hanseatische Krankenkasse: The “business class” model among the SHIs – HEK is “excellent”

When a rating agency like Assekurata repeatedly awards the top ranking “excel­­lent” (A++) to a health insurance company, it is worth taking a closer look at it. Hanseatische Krankenkasse – or HEK – is the first health insurance com­pany to have received this top ranking mul­­tiple times in succession. HEK achieved the highest scores for financial stabil­­ity, customer satisfaction and growth/attractiveness on the market. Its range of services was rated as “very good”.

In 1826, merchants from Hamburg found­­­­ed the “Kranken-Casse der Com­­­mis des Löblichen Kramer-Amts”, thus laying the foundation for HEK which covers about 425,000 people today. Social re­­spon­­si­­bility, performance, solidity and fairness – the almost 700 HEK employees are still committed to these Han­­­se­­atic principles of the founders. Thanks to its efficient administration and forward-thinking plan­­ning, Hanseatische Kran­­ken­­kasse stands on a solid financial basis. For this reason, it has always been able to do without raising additional contributions from its members. In 2013, HEK was one of the few stat­­utory health insurance companies who were able to distribute a large part of their surplus to their members in the form of a premium.

In the field of statutory health insurance (SHI), the rate of contribution is defined by law and therefore is the same for all health insurance companies. This also applies to the range of their services. However, legislature does allow them to offer additional services that go beyond the stipulated scope. Thanks to its sound financial situation, HEK can take advan­­tage of this situation and offer a whole package of above-average services to its members. So it is for a good reason that HEK considers itself the “business class” among statutory health insurance companies.
It is also “excellent” with regard to customer orientation and service. All enquiries from members are replied to immediately. Team Direkt is available to them free of charge and around the clock every day. HEK is also particularly accommodating when it comes to the reimbursement of costs. Insured persons decide themselves whether they prefer a cashless payment via the chip card or whether they would like to be reimbursed for their expenses after the treatment.

The upscale business services that set HEK apart from other insurances include, among other things, treatment in private clinics and exclusive re­­ha­­bilitation facilities or by the head phy­­sician following in-patient treatment. HEK also assists its members when it comes to treatments in the area of alternative medicine, such as homoeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and selected alter­­native medication, and supports them in the choice of doctor and in treatment decisions. It offers a guide to assist in choosing a physician or hospital as well as a free second opinion for dental pros­­theses. And in the event of suspected medical malpractice, the health insurance is on hand with help and advice for its members.

Moreover, HEK covers out-patient surger­­ies in practice clinics, pays for household help for families with children up to 14 years of age and subsidises all immunisations required for foreign travel. In addition, members benefit from a comprehensive bonus programme and attractive optional tariffs.

HEK supports mothers and fathers-to-be not only through preventive check-ups; it also assists them with comprehensive information, such as “planBaby”, the “BabyCare” programme and the free app “Kugelrund glücklich” (“Round and happy”) on their way through a healthy pregnancy. As a welcome gift, the newborn child receives a baby bonus.

The choice of additional health services offered by the “business class” model among the statutory health insurances is adapted to meet the specific requirements and wishes of its members. In the health insurance test of the German mag­­azine Focus Money (49/12), it attained the highest score possible. And the peo­­ple insured with HEK agree. 98 per cent of them stated in an online survey that they would recommend their health in­­­surance to others. It is no surprise then that HEK keeps growing dynamically: in 2012 alone, it gained more than 24,000 new members.

Assekurata attests the “business class” model among the statutory health insur­­ances an “excellent” company quality and continued growth potential: “The new services offered increase the high attrac­­tiveness of the insurance even more.”

HEK – the “business class” model among the statutory health insurances.


  1. Adress

    Wandsbeker Zollstraße 86-90
    D-22041 Hamburg
    Telefon +49 (0) 800-0213213 (kostenfrei)
    Telefax +49 (0) 40 65696-1237
  2. Executive board

    Jens Luther

    Torsten Kafka(Deputy)

  3. Year of establishment

  4. Business activity

  5. Employees

    about 700
  6. Business activity

    Statutory health insurance