HEAG Holding AG : Multi-service provider for Darmstadt

The HEAG Holding AG – the subsidiaries man­­agement of the “science city” of Darmstadt (HEAG), is the leading com­­pany of the HEAG group which includes the ENTEGA AG, HEAG mobilo GmbH and the bauverein AG. The HEAG group counts almost 3,000 employees and achieves a balance sheet total of about 2.9 billion euros.

Furthermore, HEAG is responsible for the subsidiaries management of almost 150 subsidiaries owned by the city of Darmstadt. As the city’s first advisor on all economic aspects of its subsidiaries, HEAG is a multi-service provider taking responsibility for contemporary subsidiaries management: developing the comprehensive municipal company strategy, quarterly reporting, consulting locally elected officials, consulting the persons in charge, leading the affiliates as well as jointly work on projects for profit improvement.

In order to improve the integration and efficiency of the portfolio, HEAG had a leading role in developing the first municipal company strategy in Hesse together with representatives from politics and important stakeholders. With this strategy, city bodies have formulated directives and goals for the municipal economy for the first time.

  1. Address

    Im Carree 1
    64283 Darmstadt
    Tel +49 6151 709-2626
    Fax +49 6151 709-2851


  2. Board

    Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Ahrend und
    Dr. Markus Hoschek

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Private equity management,
    Energy & water, real estate, mobility, health & social affairs,
    Culture & recreation,
    Telecommunication & IT
    Annual events: The day of
    municipal economy, symposium