HaWi Energietechnik AG: Visions with energy – Alternative power and heat solutions

HaWi Energietechnik AG is one of the most renowned companies in the photovoltaics industry. With its distinctive Y shape, the energy self-sufficient technology and logistics centre at the head­­quarters in Eggenfelden sets standards for an excellent combination of architec­­tural elements and the use of renewable energies. 5,000 square metres of office, teaching and exhibition space provide plenty of room for offering comprehensive information to visitors and intensive training at the HaWi Academy.
Besides its headquarters in Eggen­fel­den, further offices and subsidiaries in Ger­­many, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Israel make sure the company is always close to its clients.
HaWi is a competent system supplier for specialized trade partners, offering solar modules, inverters, generator con­­­nection boxes, customized mounting sys­­tems, smart monitoring devices, solar filling stations and a comprehensive range of services. This is complemented by system solutions for the use of thermal solar energy, solar cooling, al­­ternative heating technology and small wind turbines.
With its broad expertise in the design and execution of large-scale turnkey pro­­jects, HaWi focuses its attention on du­­rability and yield optimization to ensure the highest possible plant-specific and economic yield.



  1. Address

    Im Gewerbepark 10
    D-84307 Eggenfelden
    Telefon +49 (0) 8721 7817-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 8721 7817-100

  2. Year of foundation

  3. Employees

    more than 200
  4. Executive Board

    Hans Wimmer,

    Karl-Heinz Geil
    (Vertrieb und Marketing/Marketing and Sales)

    Stephan Hoffmann
    (Finanzen, Controlling, Personal/
    Finance, Controlling, Human Resources)

  5. Service portfolio

    • Photovoltaik systems with the
    sub-categories generator connection boxes, inverters, modules, mounting systems.
    • Solar carports and charging stations.
    • Alternative heating technology with the sub-­categories cogeneration plants, biomass, thermal solar energy systems, solar cooling.
    • Small wind turbines with batterie charge, grid supply, heating support.
    • Grid-independent systems with the
    sub-categories complete systems,
    modules, off-grid inverters,
    charge regulators, batteries.
    • Grid-connected systems with the categories complete systems, modules, grid inverters
    • Service including consulting,
    planning, training.