Hannelore Kraft: Foreword Business Location North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia has been one of the strongest economic regions in Europe for decades. Internationally active corporations and medium-sized companies represent the traditional strengths and renewed success stories of the busi­ness location. Around 18 million people living in our state make for a very large sales market. Our workforce is very well trained and highly motivated, and thus is best prepared for the challenges of global competition. The diverse business sector ranges from traditional indus­­try to innovative service companies.

As a European business hub and an important logistics location, North Rhine-­­Westphalia offers a dense transport network and well-developed roads, railways, airports and canals. An additional trademark, and a location factor not to be underestimated, is our attractive cultural landscape, with many theatres, opera houses and museums. And last but not least, the business location North Rhine-­Westphalia is also an excellent academic location: a dense network of universities and many research institutes make it possible to turn excellent theory into excellent practice.

Come to North Rhine-Westphalia and get to know the state and its people. You will see: it’s worth it. We wish you a warm welcome!

MP_neu_1 Hannelore Kraft

Premier of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia