Hallesche Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH: Where Halle is at home

The Hallesche Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH (HWG) is the biggest landlord in Halle, with just under 21,000 apartments and some 450 com­­mercial rental premises. Every fifth re­­si­­dent in Halle lives in premises rented from the HWG.

An important motor in the city’s economic cycle
As one of Halle’s biggest companies, the HWG is also one of the strongest economic motors in Halle’s economy. Since 1990, HWG has invested more than 700 million euros in upgrading, repairing and maintaining its rental stock. This in­­vest­­ment, its participation in Halle’s urban renewal ­­proc­ess and its social involvement constitute considerable contributions to the retention, development and urban quality of Halle’s as­­sets as an “urban dividend”.

The first address for property buyers
Besides rental properties, property sales are another of the HWG’s major areas of business. The HWG is very experien­­ced in the sale of large and small apart­­ment buildings to capital investors and of single-family homes and freehold apart­­ments to resident owners. Currently it has some 70 properties available for sale, in­­cluding individual officially designated his­­torical sites. Anyone looking for pro­­perties from different historical eras in Halle will find that the HWG is the right place to look.



  1. Address

    Hansering 19

    D-06108 Halle (Saale)
    Telefon +49 (0) 345 527-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 345 527-2030

  2. Managing Director

    Dr. Heinrich Wahlen

  3. Year of foundation

  4. Employees

    228 employees and 19 trainees
  5. Business activities

    Property management
    Suburb development
    Urban renewal