Gunilda Wörner: A forum for art

“The Kunstfabrik (art factory) is to become a place where it is possible to actively debate about what art can and must mean. Through effectively creative colla­b­­oration with anyone who would like to participate, we shall try to keep reflectiveness awake or to awake it.” That is how the artist and initiator of Kunstfabrik, Richmodis dm, formulated the guidelines of the artistic work that still represents the cornerstones of Kunstfabrik’s orientation.


The non-profit association started in 1988 with a comprehensive offering of workshop programmes for adults and children, such as “Raumobjekt-Mensch” (room object man), “Alltag” (daily life), and “Veränderung” (change). A few years later, the artistic advisory panel elaborated complementary priorities, stipulated in a position paper. Excerpt: “Kunstfabrik’s definition of art reflects the social and cultural references of art-like positions.” Furthermore, a willingness is expected to “process one’s own positions critically and formulate them artistically in one’s work”.

Largely, the course programme was abandoned by groups working together for a long time. Instead, the activity shifted towards personal artistic creation, open­ing up opportunities for exhibitions. Two work groups emerged, which also represent writing and music. The woman artist group for public relations “k`IN_” researches and reflects on the paths of artistic work. With its first project “Kunst herrenlos” (art masterless), the group worked in “masterless” (abandoned) places such as the Thingstätte amphitheatre in Heidelberg and also held exhibitions there. The members of the group “fishing for art” meet regularly to treat themes such as “Rezeption – Werke unter Verschluss” (reception – works locked up).



Kunstfabrik is a public forum for current art and art initiatives. So far, there have been these opportunities for exchange: the artists’ breakfast, the discussion forums of the “open house” series of events, the exhibitions of other artists, and the concerts of the experimental-music association “Verein für Grundlagenmusik e.V.”, which is located at the Kunstfabrik.


All members involved in the organization of Kunstfabrik are also artistically active. They represent the fields of visual art, writing and music, are in charge of office work, and make decisions in matters of artistic conception. Currently, the board of Kunstfabrik includes the chairperson, Gunilda Wörner, as well as Marina D’Oro, Ursula Teicher-Maier, and Jo. Together, they represent the artistic advisory panel.