Günter Effgen GmbH: Active in the European market with precision, innovation and flexibility

Precision, innovation, flexibility – with this philosophy Günter Effgen GmbH op­­erates in the European market. The ultra-modern, medium-sized company is spe­­­­­­cialized in the production of diamond and boron nitride tools. The prod­­ucts are produced according to custom­­er guide­­lines as well as FEPA standards.

Precision – in recent years this has been backed by comprehensive investments in production technology, machinery as well as measurement technology. In­­no­­vation – for Günter Effgen GmbH, this means the consistent development of new applications and the introduction of new production technologies. Flexi­­bil­ity – is the company’s leading edge as regards the delivery and advisory services on site.

Comprehensive consultations and train­­ing in tools, work pieces, grinders, dress­­ing and cooling lubricants is as much a part of the range of services as intensive support during new applications. The promotion of young talent is also very important to Günter Effgen GmbH. The company qualifies people as cutting-machine technicians, coating specialists and industrial clerks – with the possibility of a job after a successful final ex­­amination. Subsequently, the further edu­­cation towards master craftsman or engineer is promoted.



  1. Address

    Am Teich 3–5
    D-55756 Herrstein
    phone +49 (0) 6785 18-0
    fax +49 (0) 6785 997828-20

  2. Managing Director

    Ralph Effgen
  3. Employees

  4. Business activity

    The production of diamond
    and boron nitride tools
    for grinding, cutting, dressing,
    rasping, drilling, polishing