Grün Berlin GmbH, Grün Berlin Stiftung, Grün Berlin Service GmbH, IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH: Urban landscaping


Berlin is one of Europe’s greenest metropolises. The large number of parks and open areas contribute significantly to the quality of life and many of them were implemented by Grün Berlin.

The state-owned company group is responsible for the development, realisation and operation of complex open area projects in the capital city – ranging from the memorial site of the Berlin Wall and the Gleisdreieck Park to the international Gardens of the World. To date, the interdisciplinary team has implemented over 100 projects and currently manages 700 hectares of open space and 100 buildings.

The Grün Berlin Service GmbH, responsible for commercial and technical services, and the IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH, responsible for Berlin’s first international garden exhibition on the 100 hectares of the Gardens of the World, are the two subsidiaries of the non-profit Grün Berlin GmbH. The Grün Berlin Stiftung (foundation), founded in 2012, implements extraordinary city projects, new recreational spaces as well as public and culturally important spaces and parks in Berlin.


  1. Address

    Columbiadamm 10
    12101 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 700906-0,


  2. Managing director/Board

    Grün Berlin GmbH: Christoph Schmidt
    Grün Berlin Stiftung: Christoph Schmidt
    Grün Berlin Service GmbH: Helmut Siering
    IGA Berlin 2017 GmbH: Christoph Schmidt, Katharina Langsch

  3. Employees


  4. Business activity

    DEVELOPMENT – project development
    CONSTRUCTION – project and
    construction management
    OPERATION – project and operation management

  5. Turnover

    50 million euros