GRIAG Glasrecycling AG: From recycling to a new product – environmentally friendly CRT glass processing

GRIAG specialises in eco-friendly pro­cessing of CRT glass from TV sets and monitors and the manufacture of high-quality secondary products for the CRT glass industry. A main focus is the development and manufacture of new and sustainable products for surface treatment, cutting technology, the ceramics industry and radiation shielding applications.

Founded in 1997 as a technology-oriented company operating within FUTOUR, since 2005 the company has been part of the Swedish STENA Group. GRIAG occupies 66 current employees and has a pro­cessing capacity of around 60,000 tonnes per year. This capacity is set to double over the next few years. GRIAG sources the CRT glass it processes from all over Europe. Products are marketed worldwide.

With the support of the state of Brandenburg, GRIAG has worked constantly since its foundation to further develop innovative processes and products, which it designs itself. Apart from developing new products, in recent years a patent-pending auto­­ma­ted process for recycling LCD monitors has been developed and set up. Since the start of 2011, GRIAG has accepted LCD moni­­tors for processing.


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