Gonotec GmbH: Osmometer measuring by Gonotec We live precision and accuracy!

GONOTEC GmbH has been established by Klaus Noack and Harald Göritz in 1979. The company is specialist for analytical measuring technology for medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological applications. The GONOTEC easy handling products offer optimal solutions for different demands of osmometry.

The OSMOMAT 3000 is the current successor of the first and most-in-demand product by today, the cryoscopic OSMOMAT 030, followed by the succeeded development and exploitment of the colloid osmometer OSMOMAT 050, vapor pres­­sure osmometer OSMOMAT 070, the membrane osmometer OSMOMAT 090 as well as further cryoscopic osmometers and a chloridmeter. After 35 years the middle-sized company is a global player with customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

GONOTEC customers are right to trust in the company’s high quality requirements to their own products as well as in the great expertise of the engineers and technical staff, namely measuring technology lives on functional precision and measuring accuracy.


  1. Address

    GSG-Hof Reuchlinstr. 10-11
    10553 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 7809 588-0
    Fax +49 30 7809 588-88

  2. Management

    Jan Celinšek

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Measuring technology

  5. Applications

    Pharma, Medicine, Chemistry