GEWOFAG – Gemeinnützige Wohnungsfürsorge AG München

Munich is expensive and not everybody can afford the high rents that are paid on the open market. This is where GEWOFAG plays an important role by creating housing for the broad mass of the population. It has been doing this since 1928, and during this period there have always been new challenges to confront. One only has to think of the post-war period and the glaring housing shortages at that time. This has been relieved and GEWOFAG is now able to build high-quality, environmentally friendly housing and invest about 15 million euros every year in repairs and upgrad­ing existing residential areas – and to engage more than ever in its social welfare tasks. We are especially anxious for everybody to feel happy living in housing built or rented out by GEWOFAG. We have already e­­­quipped 1,500 apartments for senior citizens, built new playgrounds for children and each residential areas has its own childcare centre. In areas with social problems, tenants have access to social workers and social services.

GEWOFAG manages some 30,000 apartments, most of which it owns. Until 2013 the GEWOFAG is planning to construct another 1,250 apartments.

Die GEWOFAG bewirtschaftet rund 30.000 Wohnun­gen – die meisten sind Eigentum der Gesellschaft. Bis 2013 wird die GEWOFAG weitere 1.250 Woh­nungen errichten.


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    Kirchseeoner Straße 3
    D-81669 München
    Telefon +49 (0) 89 4123-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 89 4123-100
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  3. Business Activity

    new construction – primarily of government-funded flats; modernisation; renovation; resource management