Gert Unterreiner Forstgeräte GmbH: The forestry specialist from Bavaria

Founded in 1992 and based in the Lower Bavarian town of Buch, Gert Unterreiner Forstgeräte GmbH is a provider of ­high-qual­­ity, simple, fast and safe ­forestry machines.

Our domains include the mechanically or hydraulically driven forestry winches with a pulling capacity of 3.5 t – 10.5 t, manufactured by Tajfun in Slovenia. For firewood machines, we can offer a range of products for a wood diameter of up to 40 cm. We are also the right place to come to when you are looking for wood splitters and circular saws. In this sector, we have developed some new products with our French supplier AMR, which con­­form to the new EN 1870-6 standard (as of 2015). These novelties include the Quat­­romat, a cylinder saw with four channels, as well as the Solomat, a circular saw with angled jig. Trailers, log grapples, loading tongs, debarkers, forestry mulch­­ers, chaff cutters, bundling machines, excavator splitters, forestry accessories and Pfanner protective clothing round off our range of products.

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  1. Address

    Bahnweg 1-3
    84387 Buch/Julbach
    Tel +49 8678 7494-0
    Fax +49 8678 7494-111

  2. Management

    Gert Unterreiner
    Manuela Unterreiner

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  5. Business activity

    Sales of forestry technology