Fritz Stephan GmbH – Sense of responsibility, technological competence and medical experience – For the benefit of mankind

Since 1978, the company Fritz Stephan GmbH has been providing innovative medical technology and constantly sets new standards in artificial respiration, anaesthesia and oxygen production. This deliberate specialisation has made the company an international producer in high de­­mand. Particular focus is placed on manu­­facturing respirators for premature babies and newborns.

Here, the requirements for medical devices are fundamentally different from those for adults, as artificial respiration needs to be as gentle as possible and has to take physiological differences into account.

Long-term expertise in this area has also made the innovative medical technology from the Westerwald region popular for artificial respiration for adults, and thereby setting new standards in the new portable respirator EVE.

Close contact with doctors and nursing personnel ensures this expertise and guarantees ongoing further development of the products.

This made the recent development of a module for automatic control of the oxygen saturation and its implementation in a Fritz Stephan respirator possible, improving treatment of premature babies and thus saving a life which has only just begun.


  1. Address

    Kirchstraße 19
    56412 Gackenbach
    Tel +49 6439 9125-0
    Fax + 49 6439 9125-111

  2. Management

    Tanja Stephan
    Georg Mainusch
  3. Year of establishment

    1974 Individual business
    1978 Transformation to a GmbH

  4. Employees


  5. Business activity

    Production and sale of devices for respiration,
    anaesthesia and oxygen production.

    DIN EN ISO 13485
    and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified