Fraunhofer-Pilotanlagenzentrum für Polymersynthese und -verarbeitung PAZ: From monomers to custom-built components

Oriented to services for an added-value chain of mon­­­­omers to polymer com­­ponents, the Fraun­­ho­­fer Institutes for Ap­­plied Poly­­mer Re­­search IAP and for Mechanics of Materials IWM combine their competencies in poly­­­­me­r ma­­terial and process development and in poly­­mer processing at the Fraun­­ho­­fer PAZ under a single roof.
The services offered by the Fraunhofer PAZ cover both polymer syntheses in laboratory scale and their process-based transfer to pi­­lot plants and the technological optimization of processes. Contract ­­synthesizing, consisting of the production of test and sample loads, is also part of the range of services offered by the pilot plant centre. As far as pro­­cessing is concerned, the Fraun­­hofer PAZ devotes special attention to the development of fibre-reinforced thermoplasts and prototype components, with particular reference to material-based and tech­nical influences on the characteristics of materials and components during pro­­cessing. We assist our partners in in­­dustry with contract research in order to help them develop new products and processes more quickly. In the process we design and optimize customized processes – both in synthesizing polymers and in producing components.


  1. Address

    ValuePark A74
    D-06258 Schkopau
    Telefon +49 (0) 3461 2598-120
    Telefax +49 (0) 3461 2598-105
  2. Year of foundation

  3. Business activity

    Development of polymers
    • process development
    • contract synthesizing
    • process optimization
    • physical-chemical
    characterization of polymers
    • development/adaptation of laboratory-scale polymer systems
    • transfer to pilot-scale
    Polymer processing
    • (long) fibre-reinforced thermoplasts
    • injection molding
    • extrusion
    • compounding
    • technology, material and
    component assessments