Florida Eis Manufaktur GmbH: Florida Eis relies on CO2-neutral production

It is certainly worth mentioning when a traditional craft business turns into a technological, modern manufacture. Quality has always been our maxim, which is how we created a CO2-neutral production through years of success. New technologies, such as photovoltaics, solar thermal power and adsorption in connection with room air-conditioning are steps which show that efficient energy saving is possible. Eutectic plate cooling in deep-freeze vehicles reduce the CO2 emissions in city centres. Our cold storage cell with permafrost flooring and our freezers with alarm systems are small steps in the right direction to optimise energy consumption during production. Shock freezing with N2 Biogon and foam glass ballast are by-products of other manufacturing processes and modern recycling products which we use.

Our quality of ice cream is not the only thing that thrives on the composition in our recipes. The composition of technologies also secures our position in competition. We chose this path and are convinced that the customer appreciates this in combination with 100% hand-crafted products, traditional recipes and high ethical standards.

Florida Eis has proven this and makes it unique.


  1. Address

    Am Zeppelinpark 53
    13591 Berlin
    Tel +49 30 364 0355-0
    Fax +49 30 364 0355-30


  2. Management

    Olaf Höhn und Simone Gürgen

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  4. Business activity

    CO2-neutral ice cream production