Fingerhut Haus GmbH & Co. KG: Energy efficiency at its most beautiful and as individual as a fingerprint

Fingerhut builds houses with a sustainable method of construction using regenerative technology. This prefabricated house specialist offers modern building based on environmentally friend­­ly standards. With its ThermLiving building shell, Fingerhut Haus combines economy and ecology from a a single source. Using mainly renewable raw materials, the Fingerhut ThermLiving combines various thermally insulating components into an overall thermal outside shell which protects against sound, heat and the elements.

Fingerhut’s modern architecture offers lots of room for quality of life. Its modular and flexible building concept opens up almost unlimited design and shape options. Everything is possible.

When planning one’s own house, confidence in the choice of a builder plays one of the most important roles. And confidence is not earned from one day to the next.


Based in the Westerwald, Fingerhut has been building houses for over 110 years. For decades, it has designed and custom-­built houses to individual customer require­­ments – as individual as a fingerprint. With a base of many years of experience, expertise and extensive know-how, the company works with commitment for its customers every day.


  1. Address

    Hauptstraße 46
    57520 Neunkhausen
    Tel +49 2661 9564-20 

  2. Management

    Holger Linke (Managing Partner)
    Thomas Wallmeroth (Managing Director)

  3. Employees

    Approx. 120

  4. Business activity

    From single-family and multi-generation homes through intelligent home office concepts to office and factory buildings and much more.