Fernando Echegaray: Barcelona – On course of expansion


Barcelona Airport, hub to a zone with an extraordinary potential for business activities and tourism, has been particularly responsive to the development experienced in recent years. One clear indicator is the fact that since the Olympic Games of 1992, the airport has duplicated its transit numbers and has become one of the airports with the highest growth rates.

Barcelona Airport has consolidated itself as ninth European airport already in terms of passenger volume and is on 35th place in international ranking. This year, the airport has reached 30 million passengers and more than ten ­­per cent growth, making it therefore the fastest growing airport in Europe. The improvement of airport infrastructure carried out by Aena has enabled this leap in quality and situated our airport in a privileged position to confront the future providing all guarantees.


As you can see, the present looks very positive, but the future even brighter. The Barcelona Plan, comprising more than 100 activities, which has been developing at the airport since the year 2000, is one of the greatest infrastructure operations being carried out throughout Europe. Aena is practically constructing a new airport.

BETA-DISC_R3586_N0169The author was born in Barcelona in 1959. He has more than 20 years of experience both in national and international aeronautics. Fernando Eche­garay was responsible for several areas of the Airports of the Canary Islands with more than 32 million passengers, being also the Director of the Airport of South Tenerife.