Fachingen Heil- und Mineralbrunnen GmbH: The Water. Since 1742.

Hardly any German mineral water has such a lively tradition as Staatl. Fachingen. This premium mineral water has been appreciated for its fine, pleasant taste and its extraordinary mineral content since 1742.

Staatl. Fachingen has its source in the Lahn Valley, surrounded by the heights of the Westerwald and the Taunus hills at a depth of 400 m. In the course of over 100 years, it has loosened important minerals and trace elements from subterranean source stone and absorbed them. The unique combination of natural contents and the mild carbon dioxide content characterise the special taste of Staatl. Fachingen.

With a naturally high level of hydrogen carbonate content (1.846 mg/l), Staatl. Fachingen also supports the optimal acid-base balance and counteracts the hyperacidity of the body. Staatl. Fachingen STILL with its mild natural carbon dioxide content and the finely bubbling Staatl. Fachingen MEDIUM are synonymous for beneficial, pleasantly invigorating enjoyment.

The long-term, responsible use of natural spring water resources is especially important to us. With our high-quality and safe glass-facing bottles and a 100 per cent recycling quota, we live up to our high expectations of sustainability.


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