EWR Aktiengesellschaft – New routes to energy

EWR AG began to bring electrical energy into homes in Rhine-Hesse and Ried over one hundred years ago. Today, the company supplies customers in the region with electricity, natural gas and water, but is also active on a national level. The subsidiary company EWR Netz GmbH reliably operates the distribution grids for electricity, natural gas and water and the EWR Neue Energien GmbH invests in solar, wind and other renewable energies.

With our EWR Herzstrom, customers can rely on the fact that they strengthen the region with their decision to use the EWR product. We do this by returning more than half of our revenue to our home in Rhine-­Hesse. Our commitments include the promotion of sports and culture such as the swim team of the SG EWR Rheinhessen-­Mainz, the Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation) or the popCHORn choir.

But we also bring fast Internet to the entire region and our customers via optical fibre and thus ensure that Rhine-Hesse has a considerable advantage as a location.

We have our eyes set on the future. We want our clewrmobility brand to promote electromobility quickly and comprehensively. The electromobility concept proposes the development of an infrastructure of charging poles as well as several other offers, which make electromobility usable for citizens, the industry and communities.

  1. Address

    Lutherring 5
    67547 Worms
    Tel +49 6241 848-0
    Fax +49 6241 848-410


  2. Management

    Helmut Antz
    Günter Reichart

  3. Business activity

    Electricity, natural gas and water supply Internet access offers
    E-mobility solutions