European Consult und Invest GmbH: Invest in the future with the right partners and contacts

Investments are successful when they are made in a forward-thinking manner. How will the location and the sector de­­velop? Whether commercial or residential property, shipping company or com­­pany participation, investments require ideal conditions in order to ge­­n­­­erate ade­­quate sustainable returns. The long-term sustainability and an opti­­mum develop­ment should be the basis for all considerations. In addition to the knowledge of legal and infrastructural conditions, the appropriate contacts have to be established preventively to be able to react to investment barriers in good time and to overcome them in a legal manner and without red tape.

A solid concept is always a good foundation. Investing in one’s own competitiveness is more than a survival strategy, for it allows self-determined activities on the market and helps secure a continued existence.


The European Consult und Invest GmbH, a subsidiary of Medien Gruppe Kirk AG, advises investors in national and international investment projects and estab­­­­lishes the right contacts across all in­­dus­­tries and tailored to the particular need. The team around managing di­­rector Christian Kirk, who has been well networked in the consulting business for the last 25 years, can rely on relationships with the govern­­ment, scientific circles as well as with important economic deci­­sion-makers. The Euro­pean Consult und Invest GmbH operates on the principles of an “honourable merchant”. We pave the way for you and your project with re­­liable business part­nerships. Take advan­­tage of this expertise for your success!



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    Thomas-Mann-Platz 1
    D-64291 Darmstadt 
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  2. Management

    Christian Kirk
  3. Business activity

    Investment advising