EurA Consult AG: Innovation financing for development, marketing and production

EurA Consult AG was established in 1999 and is now represented by a total of 80 employees at its head­­­­quarters in Ellwangen and the branch offices in Hamburg, Aachen and Zella-­Mehlis, as well as offices in Porto and Eindhoven. EurA is the leading consulting company in Germany for research, development and market introduction of innovative products. Group-wide, our clients comprise more than 1,000 companies and research institutions from all technology sectors, in Germany and many other European countries.

The main focus of our work is prevalently financing, realisation and market introduction by innovative products and services. We conceive and implement collaborations between companies and research institutions and marketing partners. Furthermore, EurA leads more than 25 nationwide and international innovation networks, which initiate collaborations and financing opportunities.

Founded in 2013, the branch office in Hamburg supports the financing of research and development projects as well as the market launch of products from sectors such as IT, life science, physical/chemical processes, production technology and the maritime industry. Through its technical focus, the branch office is not only active in Hamburg but also throughout Europe.


  1. Address

    Niederlassung Hamburg
    Schnackenburgallee 116a
    22525 Hamburg
    Tel +49 40 548 8704-0
    Fax +49 40 548 8704-10


  2. Managing board

    Karl Lingel and Gabriele Seitz

  3. Branch Manager Office Hamburg

    Dr. Harald Eifert

  4. Year of establishment