EUMETSAT: Weather and climate data made in Darmstadt

EUMETSAT is Europe’s meteorological satellite agency. Its role is to establish and operate meteorological satellites to monitor the weather and climate from space – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This information is supplied to the Na­tional Meteorological Services of the orga­­nisation’s Member and Cooperating States in Europe, as well as other users worldwide.

EUMETSAT has 26 Member- and five Coop­­­erating States, which jointly secure the long-term and cost-effective satellite programmes. EUMETSAT currently operates the Meteosat-8 and -9 satellites, which monitor Europe and Africa from their position over the Gulf of Guinea, as well as Meteosat-7 over the Indian Ocean. Another satellite that EUMETSAT operates is Metop-A, which provides an important contribution to Numerical Weather Prediction – forecasting with the help of computer-based models – and also supports the monitoring of the environment and climate. In addition, EUMETSAT is responsible for the distribution of near real-time oceanographic data from the Jason-2 satellite. In order to guarantee that these essential services are also available in future, designs for the next generations of satellites have already begun.



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    European Organisation
    for the Exploitation of
    Meteorological Satellites