Eric Menges – An international metropolitan region with a future

In the international competition between metropolitan regions, the FrankfurtRhein­­Main region is one of the major hubs of globalisation and is one of the strongest-growing business locations. Research and knowledge-intensive industrial sec­­tors enjoy ideal conditions, as do the fi­­nance, mobility, logistics and the creative industries. As a centre for IT services and technology, FrankfurtRheinMain is superbly positioned. There is no better location for reaching customers through­­out Europe and the world market. Com­­panies from a wide range of industries find ideal conditions here for succeeding in their business.

A Region on the Move. The FrankfurtRhein­­Main region’s excellent infrastructure is a crucial competitive advantage, making it the perfect location for any company seeking to expand in Europe. Industries that place importance on efficient links to markets around the world are very well-positioned. An international orientation and global linkages based on an outstanding infrastructure are a long-standing tradition in FrankfurtRheinMain. Here companies work globally connected, which makes them innovative and efficient.

Where the World feels at Home. When looking to attract investors, infrastructure is only one of many good reasons for coming here. Its infra­­structure coupled with proximity to markets and a superior quality of life – all these are reasons why internationally active companies move to FrankfurtRhein­­Main. Highly qualified em­­ployees in a wide variety of industries make the region additionally attractive and competitive.



Eric Menges has been CEO of Frankfurt­Rhein­­­­Main GmbH since March 2013, hav­­ing pre­­viously worked as Vice President for four years. Born in Frankfurt, he grad­­uated in Busi­­ness Administration and gained inter­­natio­nal experience working in France, Aus­­tralia and England. He then worked for ten years as Ex­­ecutive Director for the Frankfurt-­based Euro­­pean office of the In­­vest­­ment and Trade Promo­­tion Depart­ment of the Australian State of Victoria.

The quality of life in FrankfurtRhein­Main is often underestimated. It is characterised by lively urban centres and rural areas which make it unique. It is also cosmopolitan and international, with people from all over the world living side by side. Multinational companies find ideal conditions for their em­­ployees. Numerous international schools and kindergardens make family-life easy and con­venient for highly qualified em­­­ploy­ees posted to FrankfurtRheinMain. The region’s frequently cited advantages include its short distances, its comparatively affordable cost of living and unique quality of life.


FrankfurtRheinMain’s life style never ceases to surprise visitors. The best example of this was the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Even today, football fans from all over the world still rave about the openness, variety and internationality they experienced in Frankfurt and the surrounding region. In short, the FrankfurtRheinMain region is not only a good place to do business, it is also a great place to live.

Many Partners, One Voice. The Frankfurt­­­RheinMain region can only keep up with international competition if it presents and promotes itself with one voice; this led to the formation of Frank­­furtRhein­Main GmbH International Mar­­keting of the Region in 2005. Cities, counties as well as regional and industry associations joined forces under the auspices of a location marketing company and since then have subordinated their own international presence to the joint brand “FrankfurtRheinMain – Become a part of it”. Having agreed on a common brand and a unified strategy, the region is now represented internationally with offices in Shanghai, Chicago and Poona (India). Foreign Investment enquiries are managed centrally through FrankfurtRhein­Main GmbH.

Good Reasons for Investing in Frankfurt­RheinMain:

– an excellent logistics infrastructure
– first-class links to markets in Europe and the rest of the world
– Frankfurt is the financial centre on the European continent
– highly qualified and skilled technical and professional staff
– a research and scientific centre
– high purchasing power
– a wide variety of industries with a large number of innovative medium-sized companies and world market leaders
– internationality is a matter of everyday life in the region
– a leading location for trade fairs and conferences

and last but not least: its often underestimated quality of life.