Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG: In Erfurt travelling is a pleasure!

A historic city-centre, rarely so large characterized by medieval times, like Erfurt requires a smooth-running commercial and private transport system that also satisfies modern standards. Already at an early stage Erfurt had taken up the topic of mobility. Since 1883 there has been a well-developed local traffic system that has been adapted to the requirements of city development every decade. The background is quite simple: The more people like to use and the more often they use public transport, the smoother the flow of traffic for those who cannot do without a motor-car. Per­suasive figures confirm this: The average cruising speed used by bus and rail traffic is as attractive as in private transport: 21 km/h. And the utilization of the public transport system is proportionally as high as in Frankfurt am Main, also without the commuter and underground railways. That must still be achieved! This was made possible by an ambitious city railway scheme. All six city railway lines and a bus route, each at ten minute intervals, constitute a well-arranged and regular supply for 80 per cent of the city.

Step on board and test the speed, reliability and attractiveness – you will be impressed!


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    Magdeburger Allee 34
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    Local public transport