PROGAS GmbH & Co KG: Energy from Dortmund for the whole of Germany

PROGAS-Hauptverwaltung-DO-IMG_2769-KopieAgainst the backdrop of environmental pollution and climate change, liquefied petroleum gas is among the most im­por­tant energy sources and serves as a bridge to the future. The company PROGAS, based in Dortmund, is one of the leading providers for this environmentally-­friendly and efficient product in Germany.

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Several customers place their trust in the services of the liquefied petroleum gas specialist, both as a reliable energy supplier for business and private customers and as a producer of high-quality aerosol propellants for the industry. PROGAS is also a pioneer in its own sector with regard to a number of innovative options for the use of the gases propane and butane, for example for the inexpen­sive and environmentally-friendly Autogas or the use of energy-efficient technologies like heat pumps and thermal power stations.

The success story began in 1949 with a small liquefied petroleum gas sales com­pany on the site of a former factory in Dortmund’s Körne district. Thanks to con­tinuous, solid economic growth, PROGAS today runs a nationwide supply network in Germany with 18 warehouses, filling stations and some shareholdings in Duis­­­­burg, Düren and Gelsenkirchen, amongst others. The headquarters are still located in Dortmund.


  1. Address

    Westfalendamm 84-86
    44141 Dortmund
    Tel +49 231 5498-0
    Fax +49 231 5498-161

  2. Management

    Michael Feld, Achim Rehfeldt

  3. Year of establishment


  4. Business activity

    Supply with liquefied petroleum gas for private and business customers, installation and maintenance
    of liquefied petroleum gas plants