EnBW Regional AG: Efficient power supply underpins the quality of the Baden-Württemberg location

EnBW Regional AG is based in Stuttgart and is one of the biggest single compa­­nies within the group of EnBW Energie Ba­­den-Württemberg AG as well as the leading network operator in the regional state. It plans, builds and runs the power dis­­tri­­bu­­tion networks of EnBW. About three mil­­lion households as well as businesses and industrial companies obtain their electrical power through the high, me­­dium and low-voltage network of EnBW Regional AG, a network with more than 100,000 km.
The power network covers an area of about 19,800 sq km and extends across large parts of the state of Baden-Würt­­temberg. With eight regional and 80 dis­­trict centres, EnBW Regional AG is al­­ways close to its customers “on the ground”.
About 100 municipal utilities and re­­gion­­al suppliers distributing power through their own networks are connected to the high and medium-voltage network of EnBW Regional AG. The company provides network-related and municipal serv­­ices in the fields of power, gas, water, heating and telecommunications. In ad­­dition, it is responsible for the safe and reliable supply of domestic gas to custom­­ers and provides the 600,000 inhabitants of Stuttgart with drinking water.
EnBW Regional AG is investing roughly one billion euros in the power grid within the space of just five years in order to se­­cure the efficiency of the infrastructure and the high quality of distribution operations.


  1. Address

    Schelmenwasenstraße 15
    D-70567 Stuttgart
    Telefon +49 (0) 711 289-0
    Telefax +49 (0) 711 289-43220

  2. Employees

    3,100 Employees
    400 Trainees
  3. Business activity

    Transmission and distribution
    of electricity, gas and water